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Late Piano Ragtime  1940-1950's Performances (1977)  CD

Late Piano Ragtime 1940-1950's Performances (1977) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

A companion to Early Piano Ragtime, this selection of rags recorded in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s includes performances by jazzmen, studio musicians, and dedicated small-time ragtime pianists. Original compositions and rare tunes join rags from the common repertoire in this vital sampler.

1. Rhapsody Rag     Winifred Atwell     2:11    
2. Estelle     Frankie Carle     2:38    
3. Snowflakes     Rawicz and Landauer     2:44    
4. Grizzly Bear Rag     Wally Rose     2:58    
5. Grace and Beauty     John "Knocky" Parker     2:52    
6. King Porter Stomp     Jelly Roll Morton     2:55    
7. Sweet Nothings     Billy Mayerl     2:38    
8. Coaxing the Piano     Ray Turner     2:31    
9. Kitten on the Keys     Freddie Slack     2:36    
10. Ragging the Chimes     Mel Grant     2:28    
11. Rock Island Rock     Mel Grant     2:54    
12. Winter Garden Rag     Lee Stafford     2:35    
13. Smorgasbord     Ralph and Bert Bergh (Reinhold Svenson, and Charles Norman)     2:50
14. Annie's Rag     Eddie Smith     2:05    
15. Billy's Rag     Billy Hamilton     2:19    
16. Poverty Rag     Billy Hamilton     2:28

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