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The Piano Roll  A Study of the Home Player Piano (1964)  CD

The Piano Roll A Study of the Home Player Piano (1964) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

At one point during its heyday between 1900 and 1930, American factories produced player pianos six times faster than the country's population increased! This "masterpiece of engineering" performed a wide repertoire of classical and popular music, and The Piano Roll presents a range of tunes typically played by the standard home model.

1. Bubbling Spring     Machine-cut piano roll     3:01
2. Southern Jollification     Machine-cut piano roll     4:12
3. Beautiful Creole     Machine-cut piano roll     2:33
4. Floreine     Machine-cut piano roll     2:30
5. Let 'Er Go     Mae Brown     2:41
6. Trail of the Lonesome Pine     Machine-cut piano roll     2:19
7. Rag Medley     Max Hoffman     2:34
8. Sunburst Rag     James Scott     2:39
9. Floating Down That Old Green River     Pete Wendling     1:38
10. Something Doing     Scott Joplin     3:10
11. Pianoflage     Roy Bargy     2:57
12. Dardanella     Ted Baxter and Max Kortlander     3:20
13. Sweet Georgia Brown     Lee Simms     2:55
14. Jazz Dance Repertoire     Pete Wendling     2:58
15. Satisfied Blues     Lemuel Fowler     3:09
16. Dr. Jazz's Raz-Ma-Taz     James P. Johnson     3:35

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