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Ragtime Entertainment (Original Band Recordings) (1973)  CD

Ragtime Entertainment (Original Band Recordings) (1973) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

Ragtime was first recorded in 1897, and this selection of recordings begins shortly thereafter, in 1902. Although listeners associate ragtime with the piano, musicians arranged popular rags for other instruments, and vaudevillians used these tunes in their acts. This compilation represents this diversity of practice in ragtime music.

1. Black and White Rag     El Cota     3:15     
2. Saxanola     Clyde Doerr     2:51     
3. King of the Bungaloos     Gene Greene     2:41     
4. Toots     Clarence Penny     2:59     
5. Ragtime Skedaddle     George Schweinfest     3:02     
6. Smiles and Chuckles     Six Brown Brothers     2:18     
7. Ragtime Drummer     James Lent     2:10     
8. Georgia Grind     Signor Grinderino     2:46     
9. Haunting Rag     The Walter B. Rogers' Band     3:20     
10. Whoa! You Heifer     Prince's Band     2:57     
11. Pastime Rag     The National Promenade Band     3:37     
12. Bantam Step     Conway's Band     2:50     
13. Frozen Bill     The Pryor Band.     2:48     
14. Zam-A-Zam Rag     Rishell Band     3:06     
15. Belle of the Philippines     Zon-O-Phone Concert Orchestra     2:49     
16. Hungarian Rag     Conway's Band     2:41

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