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Face on the Dime: A Musical History of the FDR Years CD

Face on the Dime: A Musical History of the FDR Years CD

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Lee Hunter 

Lee Hunter writes, "This [album] honors the topical songwriters who preserved history through their creative art, the people who struggled to make America a better land, and the President who led them all." Face on the Dime compiles the songs of some very impressive songwriters including W. C. Handy, Roscoe McDonald, Oscar Hammerstein, Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill.

101 Wall Street Blues Lee Hunter 2:55
102 All I Got's Gone Lee Hunter 2:13
103 The Fall of '29 Lee Hunter 2:19
104 Brother, Can You Spare A Dime Lee Hunter 2:30
105 On To Victory, Mr. Roosevelt Lee Hunter 2:42
106 Franklin D. Roosevelt's Back Again Lee Hunter 2:05
107 Spirit of Phil Murray Lee Hunter 2:06
108 Joe Worker Lee Hunter 2:47
109 Song of Social Significance Lee Hunter 2:57
110 Mene Mene Trekel. Lee Hunter 4:05
111 Roosevelt in Trinidad Lee Hunter 2:17
112 The Lady With the Popular Front Lee Hunter 1:39
113 Arms for the Love of America Lee Hunter 1:27
114 Ballad of October 16 Lee Hunter 2:33
115 Mr. Roosevelt, Won't You Please Run Again Lee Hunter 2:38
116 Roosevelt's Election Lee Hunter 2:03
117 Care for Your Car for Your Country Lee Hunter 0:57
118 Buddy on the Nightshift Lee Hunter 1:41
119 Root for Roosevelt Lee Hunter 0:51
120 Rosie the Riveter Lee Hunter 2:16
121 Hitler in the Snow Lee Hunter 2:02
122 Ballad of the Nazi Soldier's Wife Lee Hunter 2:46
123 The Face on the Dime Lee Hunter 3:04

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