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Fiji: Songs of Love and Homeland: String Band Music CD

Fiji: Songs of Love and Homeland: String Band Music CD

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From island villages of Fiji in the Melanesian South Pacific, the songs known as sere ni cumu are music of a special time and place. These 1986 recordings represent social songs that brought life and togetherness to the beer- or kava- drinking gatherings of the 1920s and beyond. Drawing from pre-European texts and music styles, as well as European melodies and harmonies and ukulele and guitar accompaniment, they mark the sound of Fiji village life of their era. 58 minutes, 22-page notes.

This album is part of the UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music. More than 125 albums are being re-released by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings to make the series publicly available again, including a dozen never-released albums of musical traditions from around the globe.


1. Kauti Au Ena Vakacegu (Lead me gently to my resting place) Vatulawa Trio 3:09
2. Isa Lei Ko Iteni (Beautiful Eden) Vatulawa Trio 4:00
3. Luvuci Au (I am touched with grief) Vatulawa Trio 4:03
4. Lewe Kei na Sui (Flesh and bone) Vatulawa Trio 3:47
5. Na Tagi na Rarawa (Your tears of sorrow) Vatulawa Trio 4:12
6. Marama (Ladies) Vatulawa Trio 2:07
7. Unaisi Kautoga Vatulawa Trio 3:17
8. Au Mai Kidavaki (You welcome me) Vatulawa Trio 2:30
9. Sa Rogo Levu na Noqu Vanua (My land was famous) Baidamudamu village group 4:01
10. Ko Lomaloma (Lomaloma) Vuna village group 2:22
11. Noqu Vanua (My island) Solovola village group 5:52
12. Au Bau Via Talanoa (I want to tell a story) Naselesele village group 3:02
13. Ko Droka na Bogi (The night masquerader) Dreketi (Qamea) village group 2:21
14. Au na Viriya (I will build) Caucau ni na Somo group 3:24
15. Ni Rogoca Mada na Noqu i Talanoa (Please hear my story) Baidamudamu village group 2:34
16. Turaga ni Nanumi Viti (Lord remember Fiji) Caucau ni Delai Tabana 2:45
17. Ke Ko Dovu (If you were sugarcane) Waica village group 1:21
18. Talanoa ni Noqu Koro (Story of my village) Vuna village band 3:45

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