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Flamenco Caravan CD LYR-7424

Flamenco Caravan CD LYR-7424

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A follow-up to their successful album, Gypsy Passions (see below), Remedios Flores (vocals) and Rodrigo (guitar) return as a duet with fiery gypsy-inspired performances. This husband-and-wife team come from the mountain city of Ronda in the Spanish province of Malaga in Andalucia. They have performed together for over twenty years.

Remedios Flores and Rodrigo are a flamenco duet from the mountain city of Ronda in the province of Malaga in Andalucia. Together for over twenty years, the husband-and-wife team have become the leading exponents of the passionate, exotic world of flamenco. On this, Rodrigo's second Lyrichord CD, Rodrigo, Flores and ensemble perform a collection of fiery, passionate songs that come straight from the heart of the true gypsy experience.

1. Te Voy a Dejar - 4:31
2. Caravana de Los - 5:28
3. Romeras de los Gitanos - 5:46
4. Fandangos Rotenos - 4:19
5. Brisas Analuzas - 3:29
Malaguena Salerosa - 4:12
7. Alegrias Variadas - 3:47
8. Bulerias - 7:18
9. Soleares Pa Mi Abuelo - 4:57
Czardas (Hungarian Gypsy Folk-Song) - 3:29
11. Bulerias de la Nina Mora - 4:12
Abanico de Colores - 6:34
13. Tangos Flamencos - 4:44


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