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Gagaku: The Imperial Court Music of Japan CD

Gagaku: The Imperial Court Music of Japan CD

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"Elegant" music, likely the oldest existing form of orchestral music in the world, Gagaku is presented here in a richly authentic performance recorded in Kyoto, Japan. Rarely performed in public (and even more rarely in the West) this is profoundly intense and affecting music exquisitely performed by the Kyoto Imperial Court Orchestra. Prepare yourself for Gagaku of Japan - haunting, powerful, and unforgettable music of ceremony!

Includes Etenraku (music of divinity), Hassan (crane dance), and Nasori (dragon dance).

1. Irite - 3:30
2. Etenraku - 8:10
3. Manzairaku - 8:45
4. Embu - 2:35
5. Hassen - 4:30
6. Nasori - 2:00
7. Goshoraku - 6:20
8. Karyobin - 6:25



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