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Gamana:  La Marija,  Music of Madagascar CD LYR-7445

Gamana: La Marija, Music of Madagascar CD LYR-7445

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"Le Marija: Music of Madagascar reflects Gamana's talent and Madagascar's musical beauty."

The new Malagasy sensation Gamana is based on keeping tradition alive. Rola, Gamana's founder, has visited every corner of Madagascar to form a clear and deep understanding of traditional Malagasy culture, and has ingrained it in his music. Gamana's traditional Malagasy songs speak of land, heat, and hunger, as well as God, Love and Friendship - things they cherish and draw strength from in the face of a difficult life. The driving rhythms, precious harmonies and inspiring instrumentation offered on Le Marija must be heard by any world music enthusiast!

1. Volatiana (Always Alert) (Roland) - 3:34
2. Jangoany (Roland) - 5:32
3. NY Hafaliana (Roland) - 3:53
4. Rakotozafy (Mbala) - 4:43
5. Le Marija (Roland) - 5:09
6. Tromakitrake (Mbala) - 3:45
7. Vanofotsy (Big Albucanus) (Roland) - 5:05
8. Ingahibe Masonandro (The Sun) (Roland) - 3:40
9. Manatara (Mbala) - 4:26
10. Nay Te Aombe (Mbala) - 3:34
11. Pangalana (Roland) - 4:16
12. Vaovao Tsara (Good News) - 3:52



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