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Garbage and Other Songs of Our Time CD

Garbage and Other Songs of Our Time CD

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Joe Glazer 

Joe Glazer’s musical efforts on behalf of workers and union struggles earned him the nickname “Labor’s Troubadour.” In 1970, he founded Collector Records, primarily to produce records supportive of the struggles of working men and women.

In this recording, Joe sings topical songs from the 1960s and 1970s that are primarily of his own composition and are heavy on humor and satire. The subject matter ranges from civil rights to politics to defense of environmentalism. The Charlie Byrd Trio provides the accompaniment.

The liner notes offer background information and historical context for the songs, biographical information about Glazer, and complete song lyrics.

101 Ping Pong Diplomacy Joe Glazer 2:38
102 I Belong To A Private Club Joe Glazer 2:22
103 Automation Joe Glazer 2:35
104 Looking For The R In Hahvad Joe Glazer 1:26
105 Robert Briscoe Joe Glazer 1:33
106 Don't Tear it Down Joe Glazer 2:12
107 Garbage Joe Glazer 5:01
108 Twenty-Two Minutes from Town Joe Glazer 3:16
109 Ballad of Richard Nixon Joe Glazer 2:37
110 Congressman's Blues Joe Glazer 2:49
111 Four Day Week Joe Glazer 2:50
112 Fashion Joe Glazer 2:53
113 Ecology Joe Glazer 2:48
114 Fight That Line Joe Glazer 2:55

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