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I Will Win: Songs of the Wobblies CD

I Will Win: Songs of the Wobblies CD

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Joe Glazer 

What’s a Wobbly? Legend has it that a Chinese cook in a railroad gang while proudly announcing that he was a member of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World—a union formed to organize all workers) was heard to say he was a member of the "I-Wobbly-Wobbly." Despite their humorous nickname, the members of IWW experienced tremendous struggles which were often documented through song. Starting as a one-paged leaflet headed by the words: ""Sing and fight! Right was the tyrant king who said: ‘Beware of a movement that sings’" the IWW’s Little Red Song Book soon grew to include dozens of songs including Ralph Chaplin’s "Solidarity Forever." As a special treat, this album also includes excerpts from Chaplin’s speech at a woodworker’s convention in 1960.

101 The Commonwealth of Toil Joe Glazer 2:54
102 Mr. Block Joe Glazer 2:41
103 50,000 Lumberjacks Joe Glazer 2:40
104 Pie in the Sky (Preacher and the Slave) Joe Glazer 2:47
105 Workingman Unite Joe Glazer 2:09
106 Dump the Bosses Off Your Back Joe Glazer 2:35
107 Joe Hill Joe Glazer 2:35
201 Hallelujah, I'm a Bum Joe Glazer 2:07
202 The Rebel Girl Joe Glazer 2:42
203 There is Power in a Union Joe Glazer 2:35
204 Boom Went the Boom Joe Glazer 2:22
205 Ralph Chaplin Speaks Joe Glazer 8:20
206 Solidarity Forever Joe Glazer 2:28


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