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I'm A Little Cookie and Other Songs that Can Taste Just as Good CD

I'm A Little Cookie and Other Songs that Can Taste Just as Good CD

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Larry Penn 

Singer and labor movement activist Joe Glazer said that Larry Penn "is walking in the footsteps of Joe Hill and Woody Guthrie." A truck driver for his entire adult life, Penn started playing folk music after stumbling upon an old Lead Belly recording. Twenty years later, he recorded his first album—Workin’ for a Livin’, a collection of original songs about hard-working Americans he met on his travels.

In this, his second recording, Larry presents original songs on a variety of subjects. Although often relating to the problems besetting the working man, his songs are seldom strident and are occasionally satirical, nostalgic, or even whimsical.

The liner notes, partly written by Larry, express some of his philosophy and biographical information. Song lyrics are included.

101 I'm A Little Cookie Larry Penn 2:42
102 Tuscan Red Rose Larry Penn 3:34
103 Prayer to Woody Larry Penn 2:40
104 When They Close the Foundry Larry Penn 3:38
105 Nobody Cares About That Larry Penn 3:02
106 Flamingos Larry Penn 1:18
107 Trickle Down Larry Penn 3:42
108 A Railroad Life For Me Larry Penn 3:56
109 Cannanite Lovers Larry Penn 2:47
110 Come Bugle Blow (Milwaukee Road) Larry Penn 3:09
111 Watchin' Judy Dance Larry Penn 3:22
112 Still Losing Jobs Larry Penn 2:19
113 Come On Union Larry Penn 3:58

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