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"Indian Folk Music from Uttar Pradesh further opens us up to South Asia’s musical diversity as it presents little-studied folk traditions of this region of North India. Recordings were made from 1972 to 1999, in villages in the districts of Kanpur, Unnao, Raibarely, Lucknow, Hamirpur, and Varanasi. The nine pages of notes include brief introductions to each recorded performance, song text translations, photographs, and definitions of musical instruments. The collection includes songs about love for Krishna, the Holi festival, bhajans (devotional songs), and instrumental tunes and rhythms. Taken together, these recordings offer a window onto folk life ways, and onto the musical musings of Uttar Pradeshis as they work and enjoy leisure times. Many of the songs are about suffering: the suffering of love stricken milkmaids longing for Krishna, the suffering of the poor, the sadness of leaving one’s home on the otherwise happy occasion of marriage."
Ethnomusicology, Spring/Summer 2010 

With its tapestry of varying customs, the state of Uttar Pradesh has a rich treasury of folk musical traditions. In its simplest forms, this music penetrates the soul of the listener, for folk songs reveal the joys and sorrows of the common folk. For village people, storytelling, folk theater and folk songs are the means by which they learn about their ancient heritage. The material for this compact disc was recorded during 1972-1999 in the state of Uttar Pradesh, concentrating on rural villages in the districts of Kanpur, Unnao, Raibarely, Lucknow, Hamirpur, and Varanasi, by the eminent ethnomusicologist, Dr. Laxmi Ganesh Tewari.

Laxmi Ganesh Tewari, Ph. D. Trained as an ethnomusicologist by Dr. Dieter Christensen at Wesleyan University, Dr. Tewari has studied Indian classical vocal music in the guru-shishya-parampara (teacher/disciple-relationship) tradition; Turkish music and Ghanaian drumming. He has conducted numerous field researches to India, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, and Fiji. He enjoys sharing his first-hand experiences with the music of South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East,and Africa, in the teaching-what-youknow-best theory. Tuning the Dholak before a Bhajan Session

1 Purvi (7:03
2 Phag (4:07)
3 Kajari (4:54)
4 Bhajan (5:39)
5 Bhajan (4:17)
6 Bhagat (7:26)
7 Lahacari (5:06)
8 Dhimariyai (7:07):
9 Khari Phag (5:21)
10 Dhapali solo (2:22)
11 Kandal music (3:07)
12 Folk Tune (1:54)
13 Folk Tune (2:49)
14 Nakata (2:08)
15 Kataki (3:15)
16 Savan (3:07)


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