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Indonesia Vol. 3: Karya CD LYR-7421

Indonesia Vol. 3: Karya CD LYR-7421

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I Wayan Sadra, one of Indonesia's most interesting and influential experimental composers, is showcased on this highly anticipated third Volume in Lyrichord's series of new music from Indonesia. Working with musicians, dancers, poets and instruments from Java, Bali, Sunda, Sumatra and in the U.S., Sadra combines a unique contemporary aesthetic with his early training in Balinese music and his knowledge of the varied regional traditions of Indonesia to create a compelling body of music that is both Indonesian and International.

1. O-A-E-O - 3:08
2. Miba - 9:15
3. Sekitar 12-14 Menit - 3:18
4. Aku - 15:40
5. Buka - 3:18
6. Chi - 3:08
7. Snow's Own Dream - 6:95


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Take a look at the producer's American Gamelan Institute's website!

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