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Japanese Masterpieces for the Shakuhachi CD LYR-7176

Japanese Masterpieces for the Shakuhachi CD LYR-7176

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This famous bamboo flute, historically the instrument of the Samurai, is here played by the Masters of Meian-ryu, Kimpu-ryu, Tozan-ryu and Kikusui-ryu, at Darumaden of Nanzenji, and Meianji, Kyoto.
Selected as one of CD Review Magazine's 50 Definitive World Music Recordings! (June 1990)

Played by masters of various schools in Kyoto, these performances on the bamboo flute serves as excellent introduction to the scope of this mysterious and spiritual instrument. Fascinating background notes and performance descriptions. 7 numbers.

1. Koku (Kyochiku) - 9:08
2. Sekiheki No Fu (Shibata) - 13:48
3. Matsukaze - 6:43
4. Ajikan (Miyagawa) - 6:31
5. Oshusanya - 7:11
6. Sagariha - 6:00
7. Kyushu Reibo - 4:36

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