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Jellybean Blues CD

Jellybean Blues CD

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Joe Glazer 

It seems oxymoronic that one could ever have the blues when there are jellybeans around. However, when placed in the context of the Reagan era, Joe Glazer found himself rather depressed. In this politically-charged first of the two volume collection (see COLL-1998 Jellybean Blues, Vol. 2.) Glazer sets his satirical and openly critical lyrics to classic tunes like "Old McDonald," "Silent Night" and "Home on the Range."

101 Jellybean Blues Joe Glazer 2:07
102 Around The Corner -- Prosperity Joe Glazer 3:12
103 Ronald Reagan Had A Ranch Joe Glazer 2:13
104 Social Security Song (Too Old To Work) Joe Glazer 3:07
105 Gentleman Jimmy Watt Joe Glazer 2:50
106 Don't Blame Me Joe Glazer 1:48
107 Get The Government Off Your Back Joe Glazer 3:17
108 Hood Robin's My Name Joe Glazer 1:33
109 The Fox And The Chickens Joe Glazer 3:11
110 The Moral Majority Joe Glazer 2:49
111 A Handful Of Jellybeans Joe Glazer 1:57
112 Don't Wake The President Up Joe Glazer 4:12
113 The Fox Is Not Our Friend Joe Glazer 2:37
114 A Sweet Fellow Like Me Joe Glazer 2:44
115 Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Joe Glazer 2:26

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