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Joe Glazer Sings Labor Songs II CD

Joe Glazer Sings Labor Songs II CD

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Joe Glazer 

Recorded between 1978 and 1996, Joe Glazer Sings Labor Songs II is a collection of 22 songs celebrating the trials and tribulations of the American working man and woman. Called “labor’s troubadour,” folksinger and social historian Joe Glazer spent his musical career singing songs in support of workers and unions. This collection includes traditional and contemporary labor songs and is a follow-on to Joe Glazer Sings Labor Songs (1986), also available from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. Originally issued on the Collector Records label, this album contains brief liner notes about each of the 22 songs.

101 Operating Engineer Joe Glazer 3:02
102 Fight That Line Joe Glazer 2:55
103 Dancing Boilerman Joe Glazer 3:08
104 I Never Did It Joe Glazer 2:15
105 I'm Union and Damn Proud of It Joe Glazer 2:33
106 Taxi Song Joe Glazer 3:56
107 Down at the Union Hall Joe Glazer 2:52
108 To Labor Joe Glazer 2:33
109 Truck Driver Man Joe Glazer 4:20
110 Press Room Joe Glazer 2:53
111 Babies in the Mill Joe Glazer 3:29
112 Hospital Workers Joe Glazer 1:40
113 Buffalo Creek Flood Joe Glazer 3:02
114 Talking Import Blues Joe Glazer 2:33
115 Union Card Joe Glazer 2:35
116 VDT Joe Glazer 2:19
117 Death of Mother Jones Joe Glazer 2:00
118 Sixteen Tons Joe Glazer 2:10
119 Pie in the Sky Joe Glazer 2:00
120 The Right to Know Joe Glazer 2:55
121 Talking Union Joe Glazer 3:05
122 We Shall Overcome Joe Glazer 2:40


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