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Korean Court Music CD

Korean Court Music CD

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The music played at the Confucian shrine is all that survives of A-ak, the ancient "refined" music of China. In China itself, though Confucian rites are still performed, many of the original instruments of the Confucian orchestra are no longer in use and have probably not been for centuries, whereas they still are in Korea. Most instruments on this recording originate in China, as do the four hymns presented. 

Recorded by the world-renowned ethnomusicologist John Levy. Orchestra of the National Music Institute, Seoul. Fascinating and diverse Korean traditional orchestral music. Complete performance of Confucian music Tang-ak Hyang-ak, military music and stone chimes.
Recorded in Seoul, Korea. With detailed and descriptive notes.

1. Ung-An Chi Ak - 2:49
2. Song-An Chi Ak - 2:41
3. Nagyang-Ch'un - 5:18
4. Sujech'on - 10:22
5. Komungo Tasurum/Komun-Go - 2:10
6. Kagok performed by Hong Wonki / Orchestra of the National Music... - 4:14
7. Kogok performed by Hong Wonki / Orchestra of the National Music... - 6:22
8. Sijo performed by Chi Whacha / Orchestra of the National Music... - 4:25
9. Ch'wit'a, Kilkunak - 3:32
10. P'yong-Gyong/P'yong-Jong - :43

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