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Traditional Music of Vietnam - DOWNLOAD ONLY

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Part of the Lyrichord Archive Series - Rare Out-of-Print LP Re-Release on Digital Download Only from the Lyrichord vaults

This recording presents the traditional music of Vietnam as part of Vietnamese culture, and links the past with the present by a unique concept of Diêu (mode), bridging both Art and folk music.

1.LUU-THUY, BINH-BAN and KIM-TIEN – 4’36” (Stream of Water, Equal Measures and Golden Sapeke) Ensemble/Bac mode, Bac nuance.
2. HANH-VAN- 3’19” (Wandering Cloud) Solo of Dàn-Tranh/Nam mode, Hue nuance.
3. PHU-LUC-CHAN – 3’02” (Composition on a Rhythmic Prose, New Version) Duo of Dàn-Tranh and T-Bà/Bac mode, Bac nuance.
4. THON VI-DA – 3’26” (Vi-Da Village) – poem by Han Mac-Tu Poetry declamation by Ngan Doai/Nam mode, Central Vietnamese style. 5. NAM AI – 2’42” (Southern Lamentation) – Duo of Dàn-Tranh and Dàn Nguyt/Nam mode, Ai nuance.
6. DEM BUON – 3’43” (Nostalgic Evening) – Anonymous popular poem Poetry declamation by Ngan Doai/Nam mode, Sa-Mac nuance.
7. QUA CAU GIO BAY – 1’15” (The wind on the bridge) – Duo of 16 and 17-stringed Dàn-Tranh-s/Popular theme of northern Vietnam – Inspiration of the Bac mode, Dung nuance.
8. BA-NHA TU-KY – 5’35” (Story of Ba-Nha and Tu-Ky) composed by Cao Hoai San Song of Southern tradition sung by Chi Tam. Title of the melodic theme: Luu Thuy-Truong (Stream of Water, long version) Bac mode, Bac nuance.
9. TRI-AM TUONG-NGO – 4’40” (Friendly Meeting) composed by Cao Hoai San Song of Southern tradition sung by Chi Tam. Title of melodic theme; Phu-Luc (Composition on a Rhythmic Prose)/Bac mode, Bac nuance.
10. VAN-THIEN-TUONG Lop Dung – 4’15” (The “Impressive” Session of the piece Van-Thiên-Tuong) Trio of Dàn-Tranh, Dàn Nhi et T-Bà/Nam mode, Oan nuance.
11. NGU DOI HA – 2’54” (Five Antithetical Couples, the 2nd Section) Ensemble/Bac mode, Nhac nuance.
12. NGAM-NGUI – 3’23” (Melancholy) poem by Huy-Can. Poetry declamation by Ngan Doai/Nam mode, Tao-Dàn nuance.
13. LY CHIM QUYEN – 1’20” (Song of Nightingale) – Duo of 16 and 17-stringed Dàn-Tranh-s/Popular theme of Southern Vietnam – Inspiration of the Nam mode, Ai-Oan nuance.

Lyrichord, in association with Multicultural Media, is pleased to present the Lyrichord Archive Series. This series will make many important Lyrichord recordings of the past available again for the first time in years. These are special-edition compact discs with liner notes. illustrations and photographs reproduced as .pdf files, and included right on the same CD as the audio program. These liner notes can then be downloaded and printed out or saved on any computer.

The Lyrichord Archive Series is designed with students, libraries, educational institutions, music historians and music enthusiasts in mind and is not available in stores.

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