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The Sounds Of Spain - DOWNLOAD ONLY

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The sound and timbre of the gut-strung and plucked keyboard instrument called the Lautenwerck (lute-harpsichord), has much in common with its cousins the harp, lute and of course, the guitar: the signature instrument of the music of Spain. This recording is a celebration of Spanish Classical music, stunningly transcribed and masterfully played by Shawn Leopard and John Paul on two Lautenwercke. Works by Spain’s greatest and most celebrated composers are represented. This collection includes works by Antonio Soler’s (1729-1783), Enrique Granados (1867-1916), Antonio de Cabezon (1510-1566), Manuel de Falla (1876-1946). José Galles and others. These dual instruments were both built by Anden Houben, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the proper construction of the lautenwerck. Get out the castenets – you're in for a treat. Olé!


1 Asturias (Albéniz) Isaac Albéniz 6:02
2 Tango (Albéniz) Isaac Albéniz 2:36
3 Andante - from Concerto for 2 Organs No.1 in C major (Soler) Padre Antonio Soler 5:36
4 Minuet - from Concerto for 2 Organs No.1 in C major (Soler) Padre Antonio Soler 5:41
5 Oriental (Granados) Enrique Granados 4:01
6 Andaluza - Playera (Granados) Enrique Granados 3:21
7 Canción religiosa (Cabezón) Antonio de Cabezón 3:07
8 Fandango (Soler) Padre Antonio Soler 11:10
9 Manha de Carnaval (from "Orfeo Negro") (Bonfa) Luiz Bonfa 1:58
10 Ritual Fire Dance (Falla) Manuel de falla 4:03
11 Sonata in E Minor (Galles) Jose Galles 3:31
12 Spanish Dance from La Vida Breve No 1 (Falla) Manuel de falla 2:43
13 Spanish Dance from La Vida Breve No 2 (Falla) Manuel de falla 3:56
14 Concerto in C Major (Blanco) Josef Blanco 4:48
15 “The First Tango in Paris” from L’Art de toucher le clavecin (Couperin)

For more about the Lautenwerck, read instrument builder Anden Houben's article here.

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