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Cristobal Morales: Missa "L'Homme Arme", Chansons - Capella Cordina <font color="bf0606"><i>DOWNLOAD ONLY</i></font> LEMS-8009

Cristobal Morales: Missa "L'Homme Arme", Chansons - Capella Cordina DOWNLOAD ONLY LEMS-8009

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The Capella Cordina under the direction of Alejandro Planchart, was one of the most exceptional and prodigious early music vocal ensembles to record in the 1970's. Not unlike the monastic scribes of the Middle Ages, Planchart has been one of the "keepers of the flame", directing exquisite productions of liturgical Medieval and Renaissance music, during years when this type of repertoire did not attract the growing audience that it enjoys today. Here The Capella Cordina performs a beautiful mass by the 16th Century Spanish master, Cristobal Morales. The chanted propers surrounding the Mass are included in this performance, both preserving the work's liturgical context, and providing the listener with beautifully performed Gregorian Chant. 

1. Introit, Mihi autem nimis - 2:07
2. Kyrie "L'homme arme" - 3:41
3. Gloria "L'homme arme" - 5:36
4. Gradual, Nimis honorati sunt - 3:30
5. Alleluia, Ego vos elegi - 3:18
6. Credo "L'homme arme" - 8:47
7. Offertory, In omnem terram - 1:01
8. Sanctus "L'homme arme" - 5:08
9. Agnus "L'homme arme" - 4:20
10. Communion, Vos qui secuti - 0:51

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