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William Byrd: Music for Voice and Viols - In Nomine Players with Russell Oberlin CD LEMS-8014

William Byrd: Music for Voice and Viols - In Nomine Players with Russell Oberlin CD LEMS-8014

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"The unique counter-tenor voice of Russell Oberlin is heard here to maximum advantage in the songs of William Byrd. Originally issued on LP on the Experiences Anonymes label in 1958, this CD is immaculately remastered. It is of comparatively short measure (48 min.) but in every other respect this is a superb disc. Oberlin's voice is like a fine wine: once tried, nothing else seems quite the same. The accompaniments by Joseph Iadone are admirably stylish, and he has two lute solos to provide central interludes for each group of six songs and a third to act as a postlude."  The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs

A richly authentic performance on original instruments by the In Nomine Players, under the direction of Denis Stevens. Features the extraordinary voice of legendary countertenor Russell Oberlin, in another in the series of his classic Lyrichord Early Music Series CD's! Recorded in London.

1. Prelude & Fantasia 5 [XVII, 38] - 6:05
2. La verginella (also:"The fair young virgin") - 2:15
3. My sweet little darling, consort song for voices & 4 viols (doubtful) - 1:21
4. Fantasia 3 [XVII, 6] - 4:25
5. What pleasure have great princes?, madrigal for 5 voices (SATBB) - 3:32
6. Though Amaryllis dance in green, madrigal for 5 voices (SSATB) - 2:25
7. In Nomine 5 [XVII, 58] - 2:43
8. Blessed is he that fears the Lord, sacred song for voice & viols - 1:46
9. O Lord, how long wilt thou forget?, anthem for 5 voices - 1:45
10. Fantasia 6 [XVII, 81] - 6:15
11. The man is blest, sacred song for voice & 4 viols - 1:59
12. Why do I use my paper, ink and pen?, consort song for voice & 4 viols - 3:18

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