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J.S. Bach: Cantata No. 10, Cantata No. 47 - PLUS BAROQUE SAMPLER CD! LEMS-8050

J.S. Bach: Cantata No. 10, Cantata No. 47 - PLUS BAROQUE SAMPLER CD! LEMS-8050

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An historic recording of two of Bach's most beautiful cantatas, performed by some of the most celebrated names in baroque music, including tenor Nigel Rogers. Features a newly written essay by Jeffrey Dooley, and brand new text translations to English by linguist Z. Phillip Ambrose.

"...exemplifies the gradually emerging awareness of “historically informed” interpretations of J.S. Bach's music. Here Paul Steinitz utilizes an instrumental group of, chiefly, one player to a part and a chorus of twenty singers, approximating the dimensions of Bach's own ensembles...The Steinitz recording is one of the early examples of historically informed performance practices which have led us to the happy situation in which we find ourselves today. This beautiful CD deserves to be heard by every early-music enthusiast.” - Jeffrey Dooley

"The soloists are all good; Neil Hewlett is a bit heavy for today's tastes in Bach basses, but the others, notably a young Nigel Rogers, are very satisfying. Steinitz does a good job moving things along, and textures are nicely clear...If you like Rilling, you'll probably enjoy what is here"
American Record Guide March/April. 2005


Cantata No. 10 Meine Seel erhebt den Herren
1. Chorus - 3:49
2. Aria (S) - 8:37
3. Recit. (T) - 1:36
4. Aria (B) - 3:56
5. Duetto (e Choral) - 2:18
6. Recitativo (T) - 2:30
7. Choral - 1:11

Cantata No. 47 Wer sich selbst erhöhet der soll erniedriget sein
8. Chorus [Dictum] (SATB) - 6:01
9. Aria (S) - 11:12
10. Recit. (B) - 2:13
11. Aria (B) - 4:53
12. Chorale (SATB) - 0:53

Total Running Time 49:10


1. RAMEAU: Pieces de Clavecin (track 6, Concert 2,) L Agracante The Queens Chamber Band, Elaine Comparone, Director LYRCD8040 - 4:41
2. J.S. Bach: The Coffee Cantata BWV #211 (track#16 “Trio”) John Ostendorf (B), Ann Monoyios, (S) Amor Artis Chorale & Orchestra, Johannes Somary, Conductor LYRCD8039 - 4:25
3. D. Scarlatti: The Cat's Fugue (track #1 Sonata in F minor) Elaine Comparone, harpsichord - 3:20
4. Frescobaldi: Love Letters From Italy (track 1, Aria de Passacaglia) Drew Minter, countertenor and Artek 458 Strings LYRCD8026 - 2:53
5. J. Van Eyck: The Recorder - Four Centuries of Recorder Music (track 25 Boffins from Der Flyten Lust-Hof) Pro Arte Recorder Ensemble of Argentina LYRCD8030 - 1:37
6. J.S. BACH: The Six Partitas, (track 6, Partita Number 2, Allemande) Richard Troeg er, Clavichord LYRCD8036 - 4:30
7. PURCELL: Airs & Duets (track 15 Me, O Ye Gods) Jeffrey Dooley, countertenor, Howard Crook, tenor LYRCD8024 - 3:04
8. TELEMANN: Sonatas en Trios dans le Gout (track 26 Grave from Sonata in G Le Triomphe de L Amour LYRCD8033 - 2:03
9. MONTEVERDI: Orfeo (track 22) ARTEK, Gwendolyn Toth, Director LYRCD9002 (complete opera - 2 CD set) - 1:20
10. J.S. BACH: Complete Keyboard Trio Sonatas on 2 Lautenwecke, Shawn Leopard & John Paul, LYRCD8047 - 4:03
11. BIBER: Mensa Sonora (track 47 Sarabande) La Follia Salzburg LYRCD8017 - 2:29
12. HANDEL: Keyboard Music (track 6 Presto from Suite #3 in D minor) Paul Wolfe, Harpsichord LYRCD8034 - 5:08
13. TELEMANN: 6 Flute Duets (track 22 Vivace from Sonata in E) Tom Moore, Kim Reighley, flutes LYRCD8019 - 3:47
14. J.S. BACH: Cantata BWV #10 Meine Seel erhebt den Herren (track 6 Recitativo) Nigel Rogers, Tenor, The English Chamber Orchestra, Paul Steinitz, conductor LYRCD8050 - 2:25
15. J.S. BACH: The Complete Toccatas (track #3, partial) Richard Troeger, Clavichord LYRCD8041 2:49
16. TELMANN: Six Quatuors ou Trios (track#25 Allegro from Sonata in D for Violincello and Continuo) Melomani LYRCD8028 - 2:50
17. J.S. BACH: The Robert Noehren Retrospective Tocata and Fugue in D Minor “Dorian” (track 8,Toccata) Robert Noehren, Organ LYRCD6005 - 4:55

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