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Let the Teachers Tell the Story CD

Let the Teachers Tell the Story CD

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Peyton Hopkins 

"Who can tell 'labor's untold story' better than teachers can?" In the classroom teachers can impart the history of the American labor movement, not just the deeds of presidents and generals. Among the groups struggling for pay equity, decent working conditions, and quality education are teachers themselves and others who work in schools. On this album, released in 1986, singer Peyton Hopkins sings about the teachers in front of the classroom, cafeteria workers, and a janitor who "waltzes her broom like a homecoming queen." Like the Civil Rights Movement, the labor movement has its inspiring songs too.

Liner notes include reflections on the labor movement from Illinois labor leaders.

101 Let the Teachers Tell the Story Peyton Hopkins 3:37
102 Cafeteria Blues Peyton Hopkins 3:34
103 School Secretary Peyton Hopkins 5:29
104 She Waltzes Her Broom Peyton Hopkins 3:28
105 Norman Peyton Hopkins 4:34
106 The Teachers' Strike Peyton Hopkins 4:15
107 Stand Up for your Union Peyton Hopkins 3:33
108 Billy's Friendly Farm Peyton Hopkins 4:04
109 Lord, Help Us Start Our Own School Peyton Hopkins 3:44
110 Heavenly High School Peyton Hopkins 3:52


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