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Carl Nielsen - Woodwind Quintet Opus 43 Seranata in Vano, and other works - <font color="bf0606"><i>DOWNLOAD ONLY</i></font>

Carl Nielsen - Woodwind Quintet Opus 43 Seranata in Vano, and other works - DOWNLOAD ONLY

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Carl Nielsen (1865 –1931) is arguably Denmark’s most famous composer active at the turn of the twentieth century. Here is a classic reissue of an important Nielsen recording from the 1960s, by the Lark Woodwind Quintet, featuring the great oboist Humbert Lucarelli. All of Nielsen’s woodwind chamber works are included in this classic Lyrichord reissue. Of his eclectic three-movement Woodwind Quintet Opus 43 Nielsen described it as “…now merry and quirky, now elegiac and serious”. The group then explores his light and humorous Seranata in vano, and Nielsen’s’ Two Fantasies, Op. 2, which allow Mr. Lucarelli to wonderfully display the expressive characteristics of his instrument, and chamber pieces from Nielsen’s incidental music from The Mother, Op. 41 (1921). Infused with Nordic sensibility and judicious symmetry, Nielsen’s chamber works are given a majestic and sonorous treatment by the celebrated Lark Woodwind Quintet. Newly re-mastered by Lyrichord’s Nick Fritsch, in association with Humbert Lucarelli.

“While rehearsing the Carl Nielsen quintet for the recording with The Lark Woodwind Quintet, I learned that one of the most important benefits of playing chamber music was that your colleagues challenges, support and inspiration made you play more beautifully than you have ever dreamed was possible” – Humbert Lucarelli

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Woodwind Quintet Opus 43 (1922) for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon

Artists:John Wion, flute,  Humbert Lucarelli, oboe,  Arthur Bloom, clarinet,  Alan Brown, bassoon,  William Brown, French horn,  
also Robert Gardner, cello,  Jeffrey Levine, bass,  Scott Nickrenz, viola, Libby Croneberg-Brown, harp,

01 Allegro Ban Marcato    9:37    
02 Minuet    5:02    
03 Praeludium-tema variazioni   12:36   

04 Seranata in Vano   6:48
Artists: John Wion, flute, Humbert Lucarelli, oboe,  Arthur Bloom, clarinet,  Alan Brown, bassoon,  William Brown, French horn,  Robert Gardner, cello,  

Fantasias Opus 2, (1889) for oboe and piano
ARTISTS: Humbert Lucarelli, oboe, Howard Lebon, piano
05 Fantasy One    3:43    
06 Fantasy Two    2:36    

07 Canto Serioso for French Horn and Piano    3:27
ARTISTS; William Brown, French horn  Howard Lebon, piano

Incidental Music from “The Mother” Opus 41 (1920)  

08 Faith and Hope are Playing    1:01   
ARTISTS;  John Wion, flute,  Scott Nickrenz, viola

09 The Children Are Playing     1:32  
ARTISTS;  John Wion, flute,
10 The Fog is Lifting     1:55    
ARTISTS;  John Wion, flute,  Libby Croneberg-Brown, harp

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