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Mande Music and Dance DVD Consumer Version

Mande Music and Dance DVD Consumer Version

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Mande Music and Dance: Performed by Mandinka Musicians in Gambia in the late Twentieth Century   LYRDV2001

These films, including 18 separate events, made at the beginning of the Super 8 era with a silent camera and separate tape recorder, and at the end, with a sound-sync camera, feature performances by some of The Gambia's legendary Mandinka musicians. With a single roving camera, ethnomusicologist Roderic Knight captures the enthusiasm and artistry of jaliyaa, one of Africa's classic genres, and several other genres, including tantango drumming, a style that is today being eclipsed by the djembe.

Digital technology has enabled several enhancements, and most importantly, the sound-synchronization of many scenes that were not in sync in the original VHS release which has been unavailable for many years. In the enclosed PDF booklet which comes on a separate CD-R, Prof. Knight provides additional photographs, maps, extensive explanatory and technical notes for every scene, and all song texts and conversations in both Mandinka and English. This DVD-R "Mande Music and Dance" is a rich and vital document of the traditions of the Gambian Mandinka.

Contents of the DVD-R revised edition of Music of the Mande, Parts I, II, and III, with digital editing by Elio Trabal

I. Music of the Warriors, Hunters, and Ordinary People - 2:38

II. Professional Music: Mandinka Jaliyaa with the Kora - 38:48
Bai Konteh, Jali Mori Suso, Amadu Bansang Jobarteh, Jali Nyama Suso,Suntu Suso, Masireng Kuyateh, a kullio, kora making.

III. Gambian Tantango Drumming - 31:31
Lenjengo/Seruba, Nyaka Julo, Kanyelango, Nyoboringo (wrestling), Kankurango


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