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Markos Vamvakaris: The Man and the Bouzouki. Autobiography BOOK

Markos Vamvakaris: The Man and the Bouzouki. Autobiography BOOK

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Edited and Translated by Noonie Minogue
The candid and mesmerizing confessions of Markos Vamvakaris, the father of Rebetiko. A must read for world-music students, scholars and lovers, Greeks of the diaspora and anyone with an interest in Greece.
The revelation of the criminal underworld of Piraeus during the Asia Minor disaster, the Nazi Occupation and the civil war. Think Zorba the Greek crossed with Corleone, mafia’s Godfather.
The first time ever in English translation. Fresh, colloquial and packed with lively dialogue.
Includes new verse translations of 50 classic songs, fully illustrated with old photographs and a special contribution by acclaimed French graphic novelist David Prudhomme.
Previewed in June 2015 at London's Barbican Centre, where Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand read excerpts aloud to an audience of 1,850.
In Piraeus during the thirties and forties, dockworkers, tradesmen, thieves, and ex-cons sat together in shacks or mountain caves smoking the arghile and playing stringed instruments. They sang and played Rebetiko. They created a golden age of songwriting. Markos is the undisputed Patriarch of Rebetiko. As a child in Syros he earned his bread, gathering reeds, donkey driving, beating drums and shining shoes. Later, in Piraeus, he worked as a stevedore and then as a butcher in the slaughterhouse. Out of the lowlife of the port, the brothels and hashish dens, the man and the bouzouki trod an unlikely path from disgrace to glory.
Noonie Minogue is a London based writer and artist. She was an English literature scholar at Cambridge University and studied Ancient Greek and Latin at Birkbeck College, London University. She has lived in Greece and studied its language, literature and music ever since.

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