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Mongolia: Living Music of the Steppes MCM-3001

Mongolia: Living Music of the Steppes MCM-3001

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Instrumental music and song from the nomadic shepherding peoples of Mongolia. With song specifically directed to coax and soothe the herd, music and dance are interwoven with the survival and livelihood of the people. Highlights from this collection by fieldworker Haruo Hasumi include numerous traditional urtun duu (long songs) and 8 examples of koomiy, a form of vocal instrumentation where the glottis is utilized to produce two simultaneous tones. 22 tracks. 58 minutes. Recorded by Haruo Hasumi.

"(*****) a stunner full of extraordinary vocal technique - including throat singing - astounding solo and ensemble playing on the kuuchir (two stringed fiddle) and shanz (Mongolian banjo) and gorgeous melodies. - j.poet, Pulse!

Listen to Samples

Instrumental Ensemble: The Blue Silk Overcoat

Bogino duu: A Leafy Tree

Morin khuur Solo: Jonon Qara's Run

Koomiy: Shiilen boor

Morin khuur Solo: Dungshang googoo

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