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Yves Montand  Chanson Populaires de France CD

Yves Montand Chanson Populaires de France CD

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"This item is part of the Monitor archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

Actor, singer and music-hall dancer famous throughout the world, Yves Montand is one of Frances most emblematic artists. He had a successful career as an actor, and had roles alongside Edith Piaf, Simone Signoret and Marilyn Monroe, as well as working with directors Costa-Gavras and Alain Resnais. Additionally, Montand is often known for being the first singer to perform "Autumn Leaves," a song by Prévert and Kosma, which continues to be a standard throughout the world.

Montands proletarian and pro communist origins influenced the songs he chose in his early career, Chansons populaire de France exemplifies this political involvement. Many revolutionary, anti-authority and militant songs are included on this album. Among them, is the song "Le temps des cerises" , which was famously performed by Barbara Hendricks in 1996.

1. Le Soldat Mécontent (The Dissatisfied Soldier) - 3:05    
2. Les Canuts (The Silkweavers) - 2:20    
3. Le Temps des Cerises (Cherry Blossom Time) - 4:37    
4. La Butte Rouge (The Red Hill) - 3:47    
5. Giroflé, Girofla - 2:02    
6. Le Chant de la Libération (Le Chant des Partisans) (Song of Liberation) - 3:51    
7. La Roi Renaud de Guerre Revient (King Renaud Is Coming Back from the War) - 4:33    
8. Le Complainte de Mandrin (Mandrin's Plaint) - 3:58    
9. J'Avions Reçu Commandement (I Had Received Orders) - 1:57    
10. Aux Marches du Palais (At the Palace Steps) - 3:51    
11. La Roi a Fait Battre Tambour (The King Ordered the Drums to Be Played) - 3:20    
12. Chanson du Capitaine (Je Me Suis l'engagé) (The Captain's Song) (If I Had Joined the Army) - 3:34    

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