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George Abdo - Belly Dance Music  CD

George Abdo - Belly Dance Music CD

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"This item is part of the Monitor archives. Each CD-R is custom-made for each order.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

101     El Badree (Dance and Rejoice)      George Abdo      4:00                    
102     Ilhak Halak (Beware of Love)     George Abdo     3:52                       
103     Ya Wail (Don't Play with Fire)     George Abdo     5:59                     
104     Dance: Flames of Araby     George Abdo     3:26                             
105     Ya Karim Allaly (Under the Grapevine)     George Abdo     3:51             
201     Al Asforieh (You're Driving Me Crazy)     George Abdo     3:50             
202     Shuty Ya Dini (Rains of Spring)     George Abdo     3:37                   
203     Do Oul Mazahir (A Taste of Wine)     George Abdo     3:24                   
204     Arabic Fantasy (Dance)     George Abdo     2:28                             
205     Ya Gameel (Arabic Love Ballad)     George Abdo     6:10                  

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