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Moroccan Street Music CD LYR-7263

Moroccan Street Music CD LYR-7263

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From the open squares Morocco's traditional cities, where the air is electrified with the sounds of public performance, gather food vendors, dentists, fortune tellers, story-tellers, musicians and singers, whose cries and songs combine to create a cacophony of ever-changing, cultural expression. A rich and diverse collection of street songs that includes performances by some of Morocco's greatest street players, and features traditional Moroccan instruments.

1. L-Mirikan - 5:13
2. L-Awsaf - 9:00
3. 'Awisha - 8:27
4. Mehjuba and Moulat D-Dfina - 15:30
5. Muqaddima - :24
6. Es-Salaam 'Aliha - 5:53

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