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JVC Oceania Music and Dance Regional Set -- 2 DVDs and 1 CD-ROM with 9 printable, searchable and copy-permission books -- REDUCED PRICE

JVC Oceania Music and Dance Regional Set -- 2 DVDs and 1 CD-ROM with 9 printable, searchable and copy-permission books -- REDUCED PRICE

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Two DVDs illustrate 57 music and dance performances.
Vol 1 features Micronesia and Saipan, Melanesia and Australia and includes navigational songs, stick dances, wedding dance, dance of welcoming, one-stringed tubular zither and slit-drum performance, along with ancestral songs and a village memorial service for the ancestors, and several aboriginal dances, such as dance of the kangaroo.
Vol 2 features Polynesia (Tahiti, Marquesas Islands, Western Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, and others) & New Zealand, with their sitting dances, hand-clapping dances, narrative songs, drum dances, men's paddle and spear dances, and hand dances. New Zealand's ball dance and short stick dance, along with Maori love song are featured.
Accompanying CD-ROM with 9 printable, searchable and copy-permission books describes each performance and gives background and ample resources on this region.


Federated States of Micronesia:
Pohnpei Island
29-1 Canoe navigation dance
29-2 Lehp - marching dance
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands:
29-3 Stick dance
29-4 Dance of welcoming: "Hafa adai" ("Hello")
29-5 Wedding dance
29-6 Dance based on lullabies
Papua New Guinea
The latmul
29-7 Tagarangau - one-stringed tubular zither construction and performance
29-8 Woragutngau - one-stringed tubular zither performance
29-9 Jew's harp performance
29-10 Sumi - slit-drum performance
29-11 Kul - wood trumpet performance
29-12 Song of the mythical ancestors
29-13 Ensemble of seven bamboo flutes and drum: "Yumanwusmange" village of Aihom
The Sawos
29-14 Memorial service in the village of Gaikorobi: prayers and dances for the ancestors; performance of songs and flute music
The Eipo
29-15 Work songs
29-16 Jew's harp performance
Solomon Islands
29-17 Song and dance from Bellona
New Caledonia
29-18 Dance from Tiga
29-19 Dance from Ouvea
29-20 Dance from the eastern side of the main island (New Caledonia)
Australian Aborigines
29-21 Ngalko - dance of the kangaroo
29-22 Balununbir - dance of Venus, the morning star
29-23 Bomba - dance of the butterfly
29-24 Gomonge - dance of the magpie goose
29-25 Bulunbulun - dance of the spider
29-26 Larajeje - dance of the fish
29-27 Baritje - dance of the yam
29-28 Brolga - dance of the crane

30-1 Excerpts from a drama
30-2 Himene-tarava - song
30-3 Ote'a - dance with drums
30-4 Ute - narrative song
30-5 Aparima - hand dance: "O Vai'ete rahi" ("Magnificent Vai'ete") Marquesas Islands
30-6 Putu - song with hand-clapping
30-7 Song and dance from the Marquesas
30-8 Tape'a - sitting dance song
Western Samoa
30-9 Fa'ataupati - men's body slapping dance
30-10 Ma'ulu'ulu - sitting dance and chorus
30-11 Sasa - group dance
30-12 Seated dance
30-13 Ula - standing dance
30-14 Prelude to ma'ulu'ulu
30-15 Ma'ulu'ulu - sitting dance while singing
30-16 Me'etu'upaki - men's paddle dance
30-17 Lakalaka - men's and women's dance with mixed chorus
30-18 Seasca - women's standing dance
30-19 Meke wesi - men's spear dance
30-20 "Isa Lei" ("Farewell Song")
Tokelau Islands
30-21 Songs and dances
Cook Islands
30-22 Kaparima - hand dance: "Taku mann e" ("O my bird")
30-23 Kaparima - hand dance: "Onakura"
30-24 'Ura pa'u - drum dance
Tuvalu Islands
30-25 Fa'atele - dances with songs and percussion
30-26 Parting song
New Zealand
30-27 Haka poi-ball dance: "Pa mai" ("Please listen") and "Manu rere" ("A bird's wings")
30-28 Tititorea - short stick dance: "E hine hoki" ("She will come home to my house")
30-29 Maori love song: "Pokarekare ana"

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