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Cancion Protesta  Protest Songs of Latin America CD

Cancion Protesta Protest Songs of Latin America CD

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"This item is part of the Paredon archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

Voices of Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Peru, and Uruguay from the historic meeting of singers from every continent held July 1967. Recorded in Cuba at the Varadero seashore, on the Isle of Youth, and at Radio Havana. Edited by Barbara Dane

101 Voice of Fidel Castro
102 Varadero (Now It's Time for You and Me)
103 Diez Seran (We'll Get the Ten Million Tons)
104 David and Goliath (The Vietnamese are Small)
105 OEA, La, Me Causa Risa (The OAS Makes Me Laugh)
106 Hasta Siempre, Comandante (Song for Che Guevara)
107 La Muerte en el Ring (Death in the Ring)
108 Coplas del Pajarito (The Little Bird's Complaint)
109 Me Gustan los Estudiantes (I Love the Students)
110 Porque los Pobres no Tienen (Because the Poor Have Nothing)
201 Cancion Di Me America (Song of My America)
202 Compadre Miguel (My Pal Miguel)
203 Pobre Y el Rico, El (The Poor and the Rich)
204 Juventud, La (The Youth)
205 Decimas de Revolucion (Verses of Revolution)
206 Coplera del Vento (Song of the Wind)
207 Mensu, El (The Mate Harvester)
208 Y Hay Que Andar (We Have to Go On)
209 Por la Vida (On the Side of Life)
210 Johnny, No Sabe Porque (Johnny, Don't You Know Why?)
211 Bajo el Arco del Sol (Under the Arc of the Sun)
212 Era Esta Pariendo un Corazon, La (The Time is Giving Birth to Heart)

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