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Vietnam Will Win! (1971)  CD

Vietnam Will Win! (1971) CD

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"This item is part of the Paredon archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

1. We Will Liberate the South     Huynh Minh Sieng     1:32    
2. Song of the Liberation Soldiers     Long Hung     2:07    
3. To You Who Volunteer in the Army     Nguyen Tho     2:15    
4. My Native Land, Quang Binh     Hoang Van     6:07    
5. The Boatwoman's Song     Pham Minh Tuan     2:56    
6. The Handkerchief     Xuan Hong     2:45    
7. The Unconquerable Van Troi     Nguyen Tho     3:31    
8. The March of the Liberation Army     Luu Nguyen and Long Hung     3:37    
9. Glory to the Heroic Bi Nang Tac     Xuan Hong     2:45    
10. Song of the Coats     Xuan Hong     2:04    
11. Heroic Province of Thanh Hoa     Hoang Dam     3:17    
12. We Love Our Army Brothers     Van Thin     2:02    
13. Spring Comes to the Liberated Area     Xuan Hong     2:44    
14. We Will Liberate the South     Huynh Minh Sieng     2:46    

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