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Breaking Out of the Silence (1973)  Suni Paz CD

Breaking Out of the Silence (1973) Suni Paz CD

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"This item is part of the Paredon archives.The original liner notes from the LP are included."

The history and oppression experienced by the woman of La Raza the Latin woman in the United States are not well-known, even in these years when so much is heard about womens liberation. By La Raza we mean the dominant population of the American continent, the people who are racial mixture of native Indian, European and African. For us, the women of La Raza includes Chicanas, Puerto Ricans, women from Central and South America. Our national or cultural backgrounds may vary but we have more in common than difference... - Belita Martnez

101 Abrele Aso a Mi Fusil (Open the Way to My Gun)
102 Prisioneros Somos (We are all Prisoners)
103 Quiero Decirte (We Want to Tell You Something)
104 Cueca del Auto (Song About the Car)
105 Albizu Campos, Sembrador (Albizu Campos, Sower)
106 Condiciones, Las (Our Demands)
107 Tania, Guerrillera
201 A Mi Guerrero
202 Corrido de Aztlan
203 Canto a Culebra
204 Indio y Negro (Black and Indian)
205 La Bamba Chicana
206 Canto y Amenecer
207 Hasta la Victoria Siempre

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