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Puerto Rico  Algo Se Quema alla a Fuera! (Something is Burning Out There!) (1975)  Estrella Artau CD

Puerto Rico Algo Se Quema alla a Fuera! (Something is Burning Out There!) (1975) Estrella Artau CD

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"This item is part of the Paredon archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

Through these songs we can see the pain, desperation, and courage, of we who are oppressed by this capitalist system. The oppressors have us in a strangle-hold, but they have not succeeded in shutting us up. But, we will not shut up! We will keep on singing, denouncing the physical and mental tortures that are occurring here in our America. I sing to the peasant, to the student and also to the tycoon, with rebellion, without patience, and without firearms. My weapon is my voice, my weapon is the sadness of being born and raised in a colony: Puerto Rico. We know that the sun is rising for our America, and that those who are guilty of our imprisonment are already facing the consequences, because something is burning out there!

101 Mi Nomber es Estrella Artau (My Name is Estella Artrau)/Mi Machete de Madera (My Wooden Machete)
102 Muralla, La (The Ramparts)
103 Cantaliso en un Bar (Singer in a Bar)
104 Caminando (Wandering)
105 Como el Viento en Movimiento (Like the Wind in Motion)
106 Algo se Quema Alla Afuera (Something is Burning Out There)
201 Poema (Poem)
202 Guerrillero, Guerrillera (Guerilla Fighters)
203 A Ti, Tingo (To You, Tingo)
204 Si Alguien Quiere Saber Cual es Mi Patria (If Someone Wants to Know Which is My Country)
205 Hay un Pais en el Mundo (There is a Country in the World)
206 La Preguntita Sobre Dios (Questions About God)
207 Cancion Puertorriquena (Puerto Rican Song)/Fragmentos de los Versos de Martin Fierro (Fragments of Vers es of Martin Fierro)

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