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What Now People?, Vol. 2 with Barbara Dane, Si Kahn, Chris Iijima, others (1977) CD

What Now People?, Vol. 2 with Barbara Dane, Si Kahn, Chris Iijima, others (1977) CD

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"This item is part of the Paredon archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

Recorded in 1977 for the "What Now People" series that advocated song as political movement, the songs on this album spans a range of political subjects and issues facing African Americans, American Indians and women, as well as the Vietnam War and revolutions around the world (i.e. the question of Puerto Ricos independence).
The songs feature an array of "activist artists" and vary greatly in genre from folk, to blues to classic Rock and Roll. Each song includes a written preface in the liner notes explaining the political context of the song.

1. Mr. Landlord     Rick Ruskin     2:27    
2. America, Where Did You Go?     Charlie King     3:56    
3. Lift Your Hand with the Indian     Barbara Dane     1:53    
4. A.I.M. Song/ B.I.A. Song     The American Indian Movement Singers     3:15    
5. Talking U.F.W.     Willie Sordill     4:47    
6. Rosa Parks (No Sir, I Will Not Get Up)     Dee Werner     2:32    
7. Sunrise     Si Kahn     3:20    
8. Anything Good     Red Shadow     2:34    
9. I'm Glad I'm Prepared for the Recession     The Fast Flying Vestibule     3:15    
10. Siempre Con Puerto Rico     Amaury Perez Vidal     3:26    
11. The Red Flag Canal     The Covered Wagon Musicians     2:54    
12. If a Revolution Comes to My Country     Pete Seeger     2:20    
13. Women Walk More Determined     Kristin Lems     3:58    
14. The Ones Who've Gone Before Us     Dorie Ellzey     5:32    
15. Fine Weather     Chris Iijima     2:39

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