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Shusha, known for her French and English songs, returns to her roots in this recording of Persian songs culled from several ethnic traditions of Iran, including Guilan, Lor and the Boyer Ahmadi tribe. Impeccably sung, this is folk art in the truest sense. Accompanied by flute or finger-drum. Lyrics and descriptions. 16 songs.

On March 21, 2008, Iranian singer, composer, and author, Shusha Guppy, died of cancer in London. Read Roger Scruton's moving obituary for her in The Guardian by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

It has been said that Shusha possesses "the dark beauty of Persia and a voice to match." This recording, dedicated entirely to her Persian roots, captures a performance of exquisitely beautiful songs of love, betrothal, separation and mystical wisdom, sung in the intimate and sensitive style that has made Shusha an internationally known performer. The songs of an ancient and noble civilization; the bonding of thousands of shared visions. Bask in the richness of the flute and zarb accompaniment and immerse yourself in the cool, soothing timbre of Shusha's voice.


1. The Silver Gun - 2:09
2. The Wheat-Flower - 2:09
3. Rain - 2:05
4. The Stars in Heaven - 1:15
5. On Top of the Hill - 2:29
6. The Silken Handerchief - 2:23
7. Darling Leyli - 2:04
8. I Have Come to Ravish My Betrothed - 1:22
9. The Lor Youth - 1:38
10. Lullaby - 2:07
11. Girl from the Boyer Ahmadi Tribe - 1:52
12. My Beloved Is Short - 2:20
13. The Water-Pipe - 1:39
14. You Must Come to Me - 1:32
15. Darling Dareyne - 2:40
16. Masnavi - 3:51


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Click here to read obituary by Roger Scruton, The Guardian March 24, 2008

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