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Playing ’Til Your Soul Comes Out! Music of Macedonia CD

Playing ’Til Your Soul Comes Out! Music of Macedonia CD

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Playing ’Til Your Soul Comes Out! Music of Macedonia is a sonic time capsule of the 1960s, a significant moment in this region of Southeastern Europe when the style of both life and music were in a state of rapid flux. Seventeen documentary gems from noted music and dance ethnographer Martin Koenig’s extensive collection—never before heard on a recording as they appear here—include three Macedonian traditions: female village singing, Romani (Gypsy) zurli-tapan ensembles, and the Ottoman Turkish urban ensemble called čalgija. Koenig and ethnomusicologist Sonia Seeman provide historical background and unique insight into Macedonia’s rich musical culture.

Track listing:
1. Pesnata na spaičeto (The Young Cavalryman’s Song) - 5:49
2. Oro od Alo Tončov (Alo Tončov’s Dance) / Ramnoto - 3:51
3. Pesnata za Lešovskiot Manastir tikveško (The Song of the Lešovo Monastery) - 4:11
4. Pesnata Ibraim Odža (The Song of Ibraim Odža) - 3:05
5. Pesnata na seloto Resava tikveško (The Song of the Village of Resava) - 3:29
6. Oroto Devojče, devojče crveno jabolče (Dance – Girl, Girl, Little Red Apple) - 2:31
7. Taksimot Hidžas od Alo Tončov (Alo Tončov’s Taksim Hidžas) - 5:05
8. Zela moma novi stomni (The Young Girl Has Bought New Pots) - 2:16
9. More kaži kaži Tode bre sino (Tell Me, Tell Me, Tode My Son) - 5:00
10. Jana bole belo grlo (Jana Has Pain in Her White Throat) - 1:17
11. Crna se čuma zadade (There Came the Black Plague [to Macedonia]) - 5:05
12. Zlata (Crni Jusuf/Kara Jusuf) – rusali dance - 5:29
13. Povrnička (Šekerinka) - 3:30
14. Kapidan avasi – rusali dance - 3:45
15. Ženil se Petre Vojvoda (Commander Peter is Getting Married) (Skender avasi) - 3:25
16. Guroševica (Pehlivan avasi/Šarlagan avasi) - 4:16
17. Sultan Hamid's March - 2:04

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