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Puerto Rican Music in Hawaii CD

Puerto Rican Music in Hawaii CD

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A fascinating 16 track collection of dance music that creates a panorama of Puerto Rican musical life in Hawai'i and bears a striking resemblance to Tex-Mex conjunto music. Artists include Charles Figueroa, Virginia Rodrigues, Glenn Ferreira, and others.

"...a superb reminder that some of our best music can come from some of our smallest ethnic communities." -- The Music Independent

101 La Gallina
102 Excerpt from Ephiphany Service
103 Asalto Navideno
104 Sels
105 El Negro Bembon
106 Pua Elena
107 Lagrimas Negras
108 Ay Mama Que Voy a Hacer
109 Consigueme Eso
110 Malditos Besos
111 Vals
112 Polca
113 Lagrimas Negras
114 Danza and Paseo
115 Bomba Negra
116 Sels con Decimas

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