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Tuva  Voices from the Center of Asia CD

Tuva Voices from the Center of Asia CD

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Recorded in 1987, this highly-acclaimed release makes available to the world a miraculous and remarkable ancient musical tradition, including examples of the rare multiphonic "throat-singing" technique. Sponsored by the National Geographic Society, the Smithsonian Institution's Office of Folklife Programs, and the U.S.S.R. Union of Composers, it is an astonishing achievement. "Primal and forthright...a beguiling earful." The New York Times

1. Steppe Kargiraa     Fedor Tau     1:20    
2. Sigit     Mergen Mongush     0:33    
3. Sigit "Alash"     Mergen Mongush     1:38    
4. Sigit with Igil (bowed instrument)     Anatolii Kuular     2:12    
5. Khoomei     Fedor Tau     0:34    
6. Khoomei     Sundukai Mongush     0:26    
7. Tespeng Khoomei     Sundukai Mongush     0:46    
8. Kozhamik (medley) with khoomei, sigit, and kargiraa     Tumat Kara-ool     2:00    
9. Kargiraa duet "Artii-Sayir"     Tumat Kara-ool and Andrei Chuldum-ool     1:08    
10. Khomuz melodies performed by trio of Khomuz players     Anchimaa Sonat, Anchimaa Khert, Achyimaa Targin Chandanmaa Torten-ool     1:49    
11. Borbannadir     Mikhail Dopchun     0:54    
12. Borbannadir     Tumat Kara-ool     0:48    
13. Borbannadir with finger strokes across lips     Tumat Kara-ool     0:42    
14. Borbannadir     Anatolii Kuular     1:26    
15. Ezengileer     Marzhimal Ondar     1:22    
16. Sigit with khomuz     Oleg Kuular     0:56    
17. Medley of various throat-singing styles     Ensemble "Amirak"     2:56    
18. Kargiraa "Artii-Sayir"     Vasili Chazir     1:05    
19. Melody on the amirge (hunting horn): luring of the stag     Vasilii Khuurak     0:46    
20. Imitation of the roe deer, the musk deer, the reindeer, owl, wolf's howl; Appeal to the patron of hunters before the bear hunt; Reinder herder's calls to reindeer     Vasilii Khuurak, Shozhul Salchak, and Polina Ore-ool     3:32    
21. Domestication of sheep to lamb     Doluma Lopsanchap     1:13    
22. Domestication of goat to kid     Doluma Lopsanchap     0:33    
23. Domestication of cow to calf     Khuren Oorzhak     0:33    
24. Domestication of camel to calf     Shimet Soyan     0:30    
25. Excerpt from shamanic healing ritual     Alexander Davakai     2:19    
26. Funeral lament     Tatyana Sat     1:20    
27. Lullaby     Tatyana Sat     0:55    
28. Wooden jew's harp     Balgan Kuzhuget     0:46    
29. Lullaby with Khoomei     Bilchit-Maa Davaa     1:08    
30. Long Song: "Don't Frighten the Crane"     Sundukai Mongush     1:50    
31. Long Song: "When I Graze My Beautiful Sheep"     Khuren Oorzhak     1:30    
32. Kozhamiktar (antiphonal quatrains)     Group of men and women from Chadan, Dzun-Khemchik Region     1:03    
33. Ceremonial Song: "Hymn to the Mountains"     Kazak Sandak     1:01

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