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Classical Music of Iran CD

Classical Music of Iran CD

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Ten of the 12 dastgah are included in this album of performances by some of Iran's finest musicians, recorded before the 1979 revolution which drove many performers into exile. Tone sets are performed on tar, santour, drum, flute, violin and voice. Extensive notes in accompanying booklet by Dr. Ella Zonis Mahler explain music forms, describe instruments and translate the poetry of vocal performances. Bilingual lyrics. Further resources. 10 sets.

     101     Dastgah of Mahour     Ahmad Ebadi     9:27    
     102     Avaz of Bayate Esfahan     Mohamad Heydari     7:43    
     103     Avaz of Afshari     Asghar Baharai     3:16    
     104     Dastgah of Shour     Khatereh Parvaneh     11:02    
     105     Dastgah of Chahargah     Houshang Zarif     4:52    
     106     Dastgah of Homayoun     Hassan Kassayi     4:30    
     107     Dastgah of Segah     Ali Tajvidi, Nasser Effetah, and Hossein Fakhtei     11:37    
     108     Avaz of Bayate Tork     Houshang Zarif     6:10    
     109     Avaz of Abu Ata     Housang Zarif and Khatereh Parveneh     9:28    
     110     Avaz of Dashti     Ahmad Ebadi     5:24 


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