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Pete Seeger  American Industrial Ballads CD

Pete Seeger American Industrial Ballads CD

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Songs of struggle which emerged from the coal mines, textile mills and acres of farmland, and spoke of issues important to the American laborer. Twenty-four songs written about the unprecedented industrialization of the 19th century, including Peg and Awl, The Farmer is the Man, and Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues. Irwin Silber's notes provide a history of labor folk song and its role in American popular music.

"Seeger's straightforward, sincere singing is accompanied by sparse, effective banjo and important reissue." -- Sing Out

Track Listing

     101     Peg and Awl      Pete Seeger      2:29      
     102    The Blind Fiddler     Pete Seeger     1:17     
     103    Buffalo Skinners     Pete Seeger     2:44     
     104    Eight-Hour Day     Pete Seeger     1:00     
     105    Hard Times in the Mill     Pete Seeger     2:16     
     106    Roll Down the Line     Pete Seeger     3:15     
     107    A Hayseed Like Me     Pete Seeger     1:16     
     108    The Farmer is the Man (Who Feeds Us All)     Pete Seeger     1:43     
     109    Come All You Hardy Miners     Pete Seeger     2:00     
     110    He Lies in the American Land     Pete Seeger     2:01     
     111    Casey Jones (The Union Scab)     Pete Seeger     2:20     
     112    Let Them Wear Their Watches Fine     Pete Seeger     3:41     
     113    Cotton Mill Colic     Pete Seeger     1:41     
     114    Seven Cent Cotton and Forty Cent Meat     Pete Seeger     1:58     
     115    Mill Mother's Lament     Pete Seeger     1:37     
     116    Fare Ye Well, Old Ely Branch     Pete Seeger     2:11     
     117    Beans, Bacon, and Gravy     Pete Seeger     2:56     
     118    The Death of Harry Simms     Pete Seeger     2:14     
     119    Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues     Pete Seeger     1:09     
     120    The Ballad of Barney Graham     Pete Seeger     1:48     
     121    My Children are Seven in Number     Pete Seeger     3:59     
     122    Raggedy     Pete Seeger     2:32     
     123    Pittsburgh Town     Pete Seeger     1:30     
     124    Sixty Percent     Pete Seeger     1:00

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