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American Folk Anthologies  Iowa State Fare, Music from the Heartland (1996) CD

American Folk Anthologies Iowa State Fare, Music from the Heartland (1996) CD

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These titles represent all of the folk musical traditions that Moses Asch collected on the Folkways label during the last half of the 20th Century. These were once only available on LP.

Scandinavian string band melodies, Meskwaki Indian love songs, gospel harmonies, polkas, old-time fiddling, Mexican folk songs, and blues are some of the vibrant community-based musical traditions presented in this unique collection of Iowa music. Iowa State Fare showcases the vitality and diversity of the state's musical traditions on the occasion of the celebration of 150 years of Iowa statehood. These 1996 studio recordings feature eight ensembles and one solo performer selected to appear in the Iowa Sesquicentennial program at the Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife. The CD booklet features essays, bibliographic information, and lyrics with translations.

"The joys of Iowa's indigenous musics abound." -Icon

     101      Silent Singer      The Matney Sisters      2:02     
     102     Amazing Grace / God Loves You (medley)     The Matney Sisters     2:24    
     103     Little Goose Polka     Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutchmen     2:32    
     104     Das Kufstein Lied     Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutchmen     5:15    
     105     Scared of Your Love     Louis & the Blues Review     5:38    
     106     Old Fishing Hole     Louis & the Blues Review     4:26    
     107     Round Dance Song     Everett Kapayou     1:20    
     108     Love Song     Everett Kapayou     1:33    
     109     Virginia Darling     Dwight Lamb and Lloyd Snow     1:40    
     110     Red Wing     Dwight Lamb and Lloyd Snow     1:38    
     111     Las Tres Mujeres     Solís and Solís     2:46    
     112     Maria Chuchena     Solís and Solís     3:23    
     113     Be Thou My Vision     The Deer Creek Quartet     2:03    
     114     Henry Storhoff's Schottische     The Foot-Notes     2:11    
     115     Emigrant Waltz     The Foot-Notes     3:36    
     116     Ain't No Devil     The Psalms     4:51    
     117     Go Tell It on the Mountain     The Psalms     4:01

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