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Voices of the Civil Rights Movement - Black American Songs 1960-1966 2 CD Set

Voices of the Civil Rights Movement - Black American Songs 1960-1966 2 CD Set

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This double-CD reissue documents a central aspect of the cultural environment of the Civil Rights Movement, acknowledging songs as the language that focused people's energy. These 43 tracks are a series of musical images, of a people in conversation about their determination to be free. Many of the songs were recorded live in mass meetings held in churches, where people from different life experiences, predominantly black, with a few white supporters, came together in a common struggle. These freedom songs draw from spirituals, gospel, rhythm and blues, football chants, blues and calypso forms. The enclosed booklet written by Bernice Johnson Reagon provides rare historic photographs along with the powerful story of African American musical culture and its role in the Civil Rights Movement. "The music of the spirit with the history of the flesh." New York Daily News

1. Freedom Medley: Freedom Chant / Oh Freedom / This Little Light of Mine     The Freedom Singers     1:57
2. This Little Light of Mine     Betty Fikes     4:17     
3. If You Miss Me from the Back of the Bus     Betty Fikes     3:03     
4. Lord Hold My Hand While I Run This Race     n/a     2:49     
5. Get on Board Children     Willie Peacock     2:10     
6. Calypso Freedom     Willie Peacock     6:29     
7. Freedom Now Chant     n/a     0:25     
8. Oh Freedom     Hollis Watkins     3:08     
9. Ain't Scared of Nobody     Amanda Bowens Perdew and Virginia Davis     1:50     
10. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms     n/a     1:13     
11. Sermon     Lawrence Campbell     6:35     
12. We are Soldiers in the Army     n/a     3:24     
13. Go Tell it on the Mountain     Fannie Lou Hamer     3:03     
14. Wade in the Water     Fannie Lou Hamer     2:32     
15. Come Bah Ya (Kumbaya)     Willie Peacock     5:25     
16. Walk with Me Lord     Fannie Lou Hamer     1:38     
17. Jesus on the Mainline     Sam Block     3:33     
18. Freedom Train     Sam Block     4:36     
19. Don't You Think It's About Time That We All Be Free     Mabel Hillary     3:30     
20. We're Marching on to Freedom Land     Carlton Reese     2:31     
21. We Shall Overcome     n/a     3:03     

Disc 2
1. We Will Never Turn Back     The Freedom Singers     3:30
2. We Shall Not Be Moved     The Freedom Singers     2:11
3. Certainly, Lord     The CORE Freedom Singers     2:05     
4. Get Your Rights, Jack     The CORE Freedom Singers     3:49     
5. Which Side are You On?     The Freedom Singers     1:57     
6. Woke Up This Morning with My Mind on Freedom     The Freedom Singers     2:31
7. Been in the Storm So Long     Bernice Johnson Reagon     3:54     
8. Dogs     The Freedom Singers     2:33
9. The A&P Song     The Integration Grooves     2:28     
10. Oh Prichett, Oh Kelly     The Freedom Singers     2:15     
11. I Told Jesus     Bertha Gober     3:21     
12. 99 1/2 Won't Do     The Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights. Choir     2:28     
13. I'm on My Way     The Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights. Choir     3:38     
14. City Called Heaven     Cleo Kennedy     9:15     
15. In the Mississippi River     The Freedom Singers     3:38     
16. I Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round     The Freedom Singers     2:15
17. Will the Circle Be Unbroken     Jimmy Collier and the Movement Singers     3:08     
18. Governor Wallace     The Freedom Singers     2:36     
19. Ballad of Medgar Evers     The Freedom Singers     4:32
20. Uncle Tom's Prayer     Cordell Reagon     1:09     
21. Oginga Odinga     The Freedom Singers     2:50
22. We Shall Overcome     The Freedom Singers     3:20

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