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Anthology of American Folk Music, Edited by Harry Smith 6 CD Set

Anthology of American Folk Music, Edited by Harry Smith 6 CD Set

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Originally issued by Folkways Records in 1952 in 3 volumes of 2 LPs, with a total of 84 recordings made during the 1920's and 30's, this collection has been unavailable for the last decade. Smithsonian/Folkways is reissuing this classic series in a boxed set containing 6 discs of digitally remastered sound. The sixth disc is a special Enhanced CD, containing photos, video footage, interviews and additional annotations. The set also includes a 96-page booklet featuring Smith's scientific/aesthetic handbook of songs, an essay by Greil Marcus, song notes, photos and recollections by some of the best-known artists of today. Another wonderful compilation of the richness of American music.

     101      Henry Lee      Dick Justice      3:28     
     102     Fatal flower garden     Nelstone's Hawaiians     2:58    
     103     The house carpenter     Clarence Ashley     3:16    
     104     Drunkard's special     Coley Jones     3:16    
     105     Old lady and the devil     Bill and Belle Reed     3:05    
     106     The butcher's boy     Buell Kazee     3:05    
     107     The wagoner's lad     Buell Kazee     3:05    
     108     King kong kitchie kitchie ki-me-o     Chubby Parker     3:09    
     109     Old shoes and leggins     Uncle Eck Dunford     3:01    
     110     Willie Moore     Richard Burnett and Leonard Rutherford     3:16    
     111     A lazy farmer boy     Buster Carter and Preston Young     3:00    
     112     Peg and awl     The Carolina Tar Heels     2:59    
     113     Ommie Wise     G.B. Grayson     3:12    
     114     My name is John Johanna     Kelly Harrell and the Virginia String Band     3:13    
     201     Bandit Cole Younger     Edward L. Crain     2:57    
     202     Charles Giteau     Kelly Harrel and the Virginia String Band     3:05    
     203     John Hardy was a desperate little man     The Carter Family     2:57    
     204     Gonna die with my hammer in my hand (John Henry)     The Williamson Brothers and Curry     3:26    
     205     Stackalee (Stagger Lee)     Frank Hutchison     3:01    
     206     White House blues     Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers     3:31    
     207     Frankie     Mississippi John Hurt     3:28    
     208     When that great ship went down (The Titanic)     William and Versey Smith     2:58    
     209     Engine 143     The Carter Family     3:19    
     210     Kassie Jones, Parts 1 and 2     Furry Lewis     6:16    
     211     Down on Penny's Farm     The Bently Boys     2:50    
     212     Mississippi Boweavil (Boll Weevil) Blues     The Masked Marvel     3:09    
     213     Got the farm land blues     The Carolina Tar Heels     3:17    
     301     Sail away lady     Uncle Bunt Stephens     2:58    
     302     The wild wagoner     Jilson Setters     3:17    
     303     Wake up Jacob     Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers     2:55    
     304     La danseuse     Delma Lachney and Blind Uncle Gaspard     2:56    
     305     Georgia stomp     Andrew and Jim Baxter     2:47    
     306     Brilliancy medley     Eck Robertson and Family     3:01    
     307     Indian war whoop     Hoyt "Floyd" Ming and his Pep-Steppers     3:13    
     308     Old country stomp     Henry Thomas     2:55    
     309     Old dog blue     Jim Jackson     3:04    
     310     Saut Crapaud     Columbus Fruge     2:49    
     311     Acadian One-Step     Joseph Falcon     3:00    
     312     Home Sweet Home     The Breaux Freres     3:00    
     313     The Newport Blues     The Cincinnati Jug Band     2:58    
     314     Moonshiner's Dance Part One     Frank Cloutier and the Victoria Cafe Orchestra     2:40    
     401     Must Be Born Again     Rev. J.M. Gates     1:31    
     402     Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting     Rev. J.M. Gates     1:29    
     403     Rocky Road     Alabama Sacred Harp Singers     2:45    
     404     Present Joys     Alabama Sacred Harp Singers     2:53    
     405     This Song of Love     Middle Georgia Singing Convention No. 1     2:58    
     406     Judgement     Rev. Sister Mary Nelson     2:25    
     407     He Got Better Things For You     Memphis Sanctified Singers     2:54    
     408     Since I Laid My Burden Down     The Elders McIntorsh and Edwards' Sanctified Singers     3:19    
     409     John the Baptist     Rev. Moses Mason     3:05    
     410     Dry Bones     Bascom Lamar Lunsford     3:00    
     411     John the Revelator     Blind Willie Johnson     3:21    
     412     Little Moses     The Carter Family     3:14    
     413     Shine on Me     Ernest Phipps and His Holiness Singers     3:03    
     414     Fifty Miles of Elbow Room     Rev. F.M. McGee     2:43    
     415     I'm In the Battlefield for My Lord     Rev. D.C. Rice and His Sanctified Congregation     3:20    
     501     The Coo Coo Bird     Clarence Ashley     2:56    
     502     East Virginia     Buell Kazee     3:01    
     503     Minglewood Blues     Cannon's Jug Stompers with Noah Lewis     3:44    
     504     I Woke Up One Morning In May     Didier Hébert     3:04    
     505     James Alley Blues     Richard "Rabbit" Brown     3:07    
     506     Sugar Baby     Dock Boggs     2:58    
     507     I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground     Bascom Lamar Lunsford     3:21    
     508     The Mountaineer's Courtship     Ernest and Hattie Stoneman     2:44    
     509     The Spanish Merchant's Daughter (No, Sir No)     The Stoneman Family     3:18    
     510     Bob Lee Junior Blues     The Memphis Jug Band     3:11    
     511     Single Girl, Married Girl     The Carter Family     2:47    
     512     Le Vieux Soulard et Sa Femme (The Drunkard and His Wife)(bon viuex mari)    
                  Cleoma Breaux and Joseph Falcon     3:10    
     513     Rabbit Foot Blues     Blind Lemon Jefferson     2:57    
     514     Expressman Blues     Sleepy John Estes and Yank Rachell     3:02    
     601     Poor Boy Blues     Ramblin' Thomas     2:24    
     602     Feather Bed     Cannon's Jug Stompers     3:16    
     603     Country Blues     Dock Boggs     2:59    
     604     99 Year Blues     Julius Daniels     3:07    
     605     Prison Cell Blues     Blind Lemon Jefferson     2:47    
     606     See That My Grave Is Kept Clean     Blind Lemon Jefferson     2:55    
     607     C'est Si Triste Sans Lui     Cleoma Breaux and Joseph Falcon     3:01    
     608     Way Down the Old Plank Road     Uncle Dave Macon     3:01    
     609     Buddy Won't You Roll Down the Line     Uncle Dave Macon     3:15    
     610     Spike Driver Blues     Mississippi John Hurt     3:17    
     611     K.C. Moan     The Memphis Jug Band     2:33    
     612     Train on the Island     J.P. Nestor     3:00    
     613     The Lone Star Trail     Ken Maynard     3:15    
     614     Fishing Blues     Henry Thomas     2:45

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