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Pete Seeger  Headlines and Footnotes, A Collection of Topical Songs CD

Pete Seeger Headlines and Footnotes, A Collection of Topical Songs CD

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For nearly 60 years Pete Seeger, with his banjo and 12-string guitar, has made music which inspires people to improve their lives and world. Selections on this anthology, culled from the hundreds Seeger recorded for Folkways Records between 1955 and 1999, include concert and studio recordings about prominent events and themes of the twentieth century: the Spanish Civil War, union organizing, and the civil rights and antiwar movements. Eleven previously unreleased tracks (one recorded in 1999). 74 minutes.

     101      Peg and Awl      Pete Seeger      2:28     
     102     The Titanic (When That Great Ship Went Down)     Pete Seeger     3:44    
     103     The Sinking of the Reuben James     Pete Seeger     2:19    
     104     Listen, Mr. Bilbo     Pete Seeger     2:03    
     105     Hold the Line     Pete Seeger     4:37    
     106     Passing Through     Pete Seeger     2:51    
     107     Coal Creek March / Pay Day at Coal Creek / Roll Down the Line (medley)     Pete Seeger     6:41    
     108     I Come and Stand at Every Door     Pete Seeger     2:27    
     109     Times A-Getting Hard     Pete Seeger     2:23    
     110     Little Boxes     Pete Seeger     1:54    
     111     From Way Up Here     Pete Seeger     2:42    
     112     The Battle of Maxton Field     Pete Seeger     2:29    
     113     My Get Up and Go     Pete Seeger     2:34    
     114     The Bells of Rhymney     Pete Seeger     5:38    
     115     Waist Deep in the Big Muddy     Pete Seeger     2:59    
     116     Guantanamera     Pete Seeger     5:53    
     117     There Once Was a Woman Who Swallowed a Lie     Pete Seeger     3:33    
     118     Wasn't That a Time     Pete Seeger     2:57    
     119     Viva La Quince Brigada     Pete Seeger     3:05    
     120     Wimoweh     Pete Seeger     2:20    
     121     English is Cuh-Ray-Zee (English is Crazy)     Pete Seeger     3:42    
     122     Odds on Favorite     Pete Seeger     1:51    
     123     A Little of This and That     Pete Seeger     2:29

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