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Reverend Gary Davis  If I Had My Way  Early Home Recordings CD

Reverend Gary Davis If I Had My Way Early Home Recordings CD

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When young John Cohen went to the home of Reverend Gary Davis in early 1953, Cohen could not have known the importance of the recordings he made. These historic recordings of the Reverend predate his seminal albums and feature Davis singing with his wife and another preacher, a rarity among Davis recordings. The 18 tracks provide a window into the world of this blind preacher caught between the blues and the church. Fans of Davis's work will find these recordings to be a revelation, as a full ten songs were never recorded again and cannot be heard elsewhere.
Extensive notes, photos, 18 tracks, 69 minutes.

1. If I Had My Way 4:43
2. If The Lord Be For You 3:43
3. Twelve Gates to The City 3:53
4. You Got To Move 4:14
5. We Are the Heavenly Father's Children 3:23
6. A Friend Like Lonely Jesus 4:22
7. Get Right Church 2:23
8. Marine Band 2:47
9. Shine On Me 2:58
10. There's Destruction on This Land 5:20
11. He Stole Away 2:38
12. The Uncloudy Day 4:09
13. Say No to The Devil 3:16
14. I Belong to The Band 3:56
15. Give Me A Heart to Love 2:20
16. He Never Has Left Me Alone 2:52
17. Got On My Traveling Shoes 3:03

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