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Mike Seeger  True Vine CD

Mike Seeger True Vine CD

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Mountain music legend Ralph Stanley said of six-time Grammy nominee Mike Seeger, "He's got his own style. He's an old-timer, and he does his style just fine." From the fertile ground of American folk music, through the roots of field recordings, vintage discs, and personal encounters with traditional artists, Seeger's creative spirit finds flower again on this solo album. True Vine reflects his connection to deep musical roots and represents the latest blossoming of his life-long exploration of diverse traditional musical styles. Extensive liner notes, 23 tracks, 63 minutes

     101      Breaking Up Ice in the Allegheny      Mike Seeger      1:45     
     102     Coo Coo Bird     Mike Seeger     2:38    
     103     Johnson Jinkson     Mike Seeger     2:52    
     104     Little Rabbit, Where's Your Mammy?     Mike Seeger     3:18    
     105     The Raftsman's Song     Mike Seeger     1:42    
     106     Honeycutt's Holler     Mike Seeger     0:27    
     107     Did You Ever See the Devil, Uncle Joe?     Mike Seeger     2:13    
     108     Blow the Horn, Blow     Mike Seeger     2:11    
     109     Old Man     Mike Seeger     2:45    
     110     Spoonful     Mike Seeger     3:33    
     111     Shouting in Jerusalem     Mike Seeger     3:19    
     112     When Sorrows Encompass Me Round     Mike Seeger     1:40    
     113     Calico     Mike Seeger     2:33    
     114     Early in the Spring     Mike Seeger     3:14    
     115     Freight Train     Mike Seeger     3:14    
     116     Goodbye, My Little Darling     Mike Seeger     2:08    
     117     Don't Let Your Deal Go Down     Mike Seeger     4:06    
     118     I'm Gonna Go Huntin' for the Buffalo     Mike Seeger     1:39    
     119     Granddad Jim's Waltz     Mike Seeger     1:57    
     120     The Golden Willow Tree     Mike Seeger     7:02    
     121     California Cotillion     Mike Seeger     2:36    
     122     Young Johnnie     Mike Seeger     3:04    
     123     Sail Away Ladies     Mike Seeger     3:16

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