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Songs and Stories from Grand Canyon CD

Songs and Stories from Grand Canyon CD

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Songs and Stories from Grand Canyon features the "real folks" who call this extraordinary place their home. An Indian tribe sings of its birth out of the canyon in ancient times. Mulepacks tell tales of their daily descents. Boatmen brave the Colorado's rapids. A mosaic of local songs and stories by local people, alongside a never-before-released track by Roy Rogers, resonates with the deep meaning of this place. This is an insider's soundtrack to the Grand Canyon. Extensive notes, photos, 58 minutes

Tracks Artist/Performer
101 Deep Canyon, Deep Voices Various
102 Walk to the Precipice L Greer Price
103 Canyon Reflections Gordon Burt
104 Grand Canyon Song Christa Sadler
105 Songs of the Humpback Chub Larry Stevens
106 Song of the Boatman Katie Lee
107 Zuni Emergence Song Nawetsa (Zuni)
108 Grand Canyon Gold Alger Greyeyes (Navajo)
109 These Red Walls Roland Manakaja (Havasupai)
110 Grand Canyon Creation Story Phyllis Yoyetewa-Kachinhongva (Hopi)
111 Major John Wesley Powell and Flow Gently Sweet Afton Hal Cannon and Tom Bopp
112 Rafting Down the Colorado Hal Cannon and Teresa Jordan
113 Row D-Squared
114 Lava Falls Vaughn Short
115 Canyon Winds Patty Dunnigan Nolan
116 A Time to Decide Ross Knox
117 All Aboard for the Bright Angel Trail Grand Canyon Cowboy Band
118 Where Do You Go? Sue Harris
119 The Grand Canyon Trail Roy Rogers

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