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Mountain Music of Peru CD

Mountain Music of Peru CD

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Although best known for its stunning pan-pipe ensembles, which are well represented here, the Andean region's music collected on this disc contains a wide variety of vocal and instrumental styles. Includes ten previously unreleased selections recorded in 1964 and presents the music of the Andean people as it is performed within their own communities, organized by region. Extensive notes and further resources. 29 performances.

     101      Corneta de Cachu (Cowhorn Trumpet) and Metal Trumpet      n/a      0:53     
     102     Women Sing at Sacsamarca near Huancavelica     n/a     1:17    
     103     Women Sing Chirimoya at Sacsamarca     n/a     2:26    
     104     Wooden Tube Trumpet, Drum and Singing at Pucara, Huancayo     n/a     1:14    
     105     Flutes and Singers at Concurso Radio Broadcast, Huancayo     n/a     3:12    
     106     Guitar, Fiddle, Man Sings at Concurso     n/a     2:25    
     107     Fiddle, Young Girl Sings at Concurso     n/a     3:00    
     108     Trumpet, Woman Sings, Fiddles, Dancers at Concurso     n/a     3:47    
     109     Fiddle and Saxophone at Concurso     n/a     1:17    
     110     Street Band: Clarinets, Saxophones and Harps at Huancayo     n/a     2:10    
     111     Woman and Tinya: Belaunde and Haya de la Torre     n/a     3:46    
     112     Music from Carnival: Three Flutes and a Drum     n/a     1:02    
     113     Song of Lake Titicaca (Three Women)     n/a     1:26    
     114     Music from the Choquela Ceremony     n/a     2:19    
     115     Los Jilacatas: Panpipes from Chimo     n/a     2:47    
     116     Love Song of the Animals (Charango and Men)     n/a     3:27    
     117     Lullaby (One Woman)     n/a     0:44    
     118     Song for a Dead Baby (Charango, Woman and Man)     n/a     1:25    
     119     Que Vamos a Lago (Charango, Woman and Man)     n/a     2:06    
     120     Choquela Cermony     n/a     2:58    
     121     Singing, Flutes and Drums at Lakeshore, Chimo     n/a     1:12    
     122     Qhantati Ururi: Easter Music     n/a     6:03    
     123     Qhantati Ururi: Social Dance     n/a     3:17    
     124     Tarkas de Putina: Carnival Music     n/a     2:29    
     125     Pitus de Cambria: Fiesta de la Cruz     n/a     2:34    
     126     Pinkillus de Lloquesani: Carnival Music     n/a     4:50    
     127     Chiriguanos de Huancané: Fiesta de la Cruz     n/a     2:39    
     128     Pinkillus de Acora: Carnival Music     n/a     2:37    
     129     Centro Social Conima, 1986: Manuelita     n/a     4:47

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